Updates to Tennessee Orders of Protection

On July 1, 2011, a new statute went into effect, changing how Tennessee deals with Orders of Protection. When an Order of Protection is issued, the Court orders that the defendant not abuse or threaten the Plaintiff. The Defendant is also restrained from damaging the Plaintiff’s property, belongings or pets. Only certain people can request an Order of Protection, including: Current or former spouses; Individuals who live together or used to live together; People who are dating or … [Read more...]

Computer Spyware, Facebook and Your Divorce

Divorcing couples are increasingly using technology such as computer spyware and Facebook/Twitter to “keep track” of their spouses while their divorce is pending. Today, almost everyone has access to these types of technologies, and divorcing couples are using these technological advances to track their spouse or the spouse’s online activities and conversations. Adding to this problem is the fact that more and more people are willingly putting their private information on social networking … [Read more...]

What the “Maximum Participation” Statute Could Mean for Time With Your Child

In 2011, the Tennessee legislature passed a bill that changes how judges determine parenting schedules in our state. The new law requires judges to create parenting plans that allow both parents to exercise "maximum participation" in their child's life. The schedule must, however, still be in the child's best interests, and the courts continue to consider the following factors: The love, affection and emotional ties between each parent and the child The ability and determination of each … [Read more...]

I’m not even 50 years old. Do I need a will?

Yes, yes, yes! Having a will is your only way to be clear about your wishes for your property once you pass away. Dying without a will can cost your family money, time and frustration. Leaving a will limits family disputes after a death, and it allows your loved ones to clearly understand your wishes. Are you married? Make sure you and your spouse have a plan for how your property should be distributed in the event that you both pass away. Do you have children? One of the … [Read more...]

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