Domestic Violence

domesticviolencebrentwooddivorcelawyerDomestic violence is unacceptable in every situation. If you have been the victim of domestic violence or threats, contact our office today to see if you might be able to receive an Order of Protection to protect you and your children. Do not be afraid to contact our office for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your rights and safety.

Typically, when you first request an Order of Protection, the judge will issue an Ex Parte Order of Protection. This means that the Order of Protection is issued on a temporary basis, without hearing testimony of the alleged abuser. This Order will only stay in effect for up to 15 days, and a hearing will be scheduled to hear both sides of the story within that 15 day period.

If the judge has issued an Ex Parte Order of Protection against you, it is important that you have absolutely no contact with the person or persons covered under the Order. Do not contact them via phone, text, e-mail, or social media and do not request that someone else contact them on your behalf. If you are the victim of abuse that has received an Ex Parte Order of Protection, it is also important that you not contact the abuser while the Order is in place. This can hurt your chances of having the Order of Protection extended at the 15-day hearing.

Ms. Castles has helped individuals obtain an Order of Protection and has defended clients against false allegations of abuse throughout the Nashville area, including Sumner County, Davidson County and Rutherford County.

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