Preparing for Your Attorney Consultation

When you set the first appointment with our office or another attorney, ask what you can do to prepare for the appointment, then, make a list of questions that most concern you. Much of what you learn in your initial interview will be things you need to know in addition to what you ask about. Although not required, it will be helpful for you to gather certain documents in preparation for your first meeting with your attorney. Consider locating and copying your important documents, including:

  • financial statements
  • income tax returns
  • bank statements (business and personal)
  • canceled checks
  • real estate records
  • credit card statements
  • brokerage or retirement account statements
  • employment contracts
  • calendars evidencing time spent with your children
  • proof of child support payments
  • copies of paperwork already filed with the court, if applicable
  • relevant e-mails/text messages

At the end of your first meeting, the attorney will provide you with a complete list of other documents to copy and bring for the next meeting, as well as give you forms to fill out regarding assets, debts, income, and expenses.

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