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For current clients, we encourage you to “like” our business page on Facebook and to follow Lauren Castles on Twitter: @lwcastles. These pages are continually updated with new case law, statutory changes and advice related to surviving the court process. Furthermore, Ms. Castles has just launched a new program that will keep you updated on when she is in and out of the office by updating the Facebook and Twitter accounts with the general schedule for the day. This will allow you to determine when you can expect a return e-mail or phone call as well as whether you are likely to reach her in-person when you call on any particular day.

For potential clients, please feel free to also like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. These accounts could provide you invaluable insight into Tennessee law related to your situation, and it will allow you to “get to know” Lauren Castles. Feel free to contact Ms. Castles to schedule your free consultation. You can also contact her through the social media sites.

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