Tennessee Uncontested Divorce Process

If you are looking to handle your divorce by agreement, this is known as an “uncontested divorce” or an “irreconcilable differences divorce.” If you handle your divorce by agreement with your spouse, the divorce will be granted to the Plaintiff on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. These divorces are typically much quicker and simpler than a “contested” divorce, or a fault-based divorce where the parties do not reach agreement as to their property, support and parenting issues.

If you do not have minor children, your divorce will be on file for a minimum of sixty (60) days. If you do have minor children, your divorce must be on file for a minimum of ninety (90) days.

The first step in this process is to meet with a local family law attorney. The attorney will provide you with paperwork to fill out. The attorney will then draft your Complaint for Divorce, which is filed with the Court. The day of filing the Complaint begins your statutory “waiting period”.

While you are waiting for the time to run, your attorney will draft a Marital Dissolution Agreement (which will address all assets, debts, insurance and support issues), and also a Permanent Parenting Plan (if necessary).

Your parenting plan will set forth your parenting schedule, and it will also address child-related issues such as child support, tax deductions, health insurance and decision-making power. If you have minor children, you must designate one parent as the “Primary Residential Parent”.

Filing an uncontested divorce or irreconcilable differences divorce can save you time, money and stress. Talk with an attorney today to determine whether you are likely to be able to proceed in this manner.

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