I’m not even 50 years old. Do I need a will?

Yes, yes, yes!

Having a will is your only way to be clear about your wishes for your property once you pass away. Dying without a will can cost your family money, time and frustration. Leaving a will limits family disputes after a death, and it allows your loved ones to clearly understand your wishes.

Are you married? Make sure you and your spouse have a plan for how your property should be distributed in the event that you both pass away.

Do you have children? One of the most important functions of a will is to provide for a guardian to care for your minor children once you are gone.

Do you own real estate? Make sure you clearly establish what is to be done with your property, whether you want it sold to provide money for your heirs or whether you want to leave the property to a specific person.

Who will be responsible for managing your affairs after death? Think through your family and friends – who do you trust to manage your business and personal affairs? Keep this power for yourself instead of allowing a judge to make this decision for you.

Will the government tax any of your assets? Inventory your assets to determine whether the government will tax your estate.

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