Tennessee Prenuptial Agreements

When planning a wedding, no one believes they will find themselves facing divorce. However, statistically, many couples will go through that difficult process. You can work with our office to protect your current and future assets as you prepare to enter marriage.


If you are considering marriage and wish to determine how your assets will be divided in the case of divorce or death, you should consider a prenuptial agreement. By addressing these issues prior to a divorce or separation, a prenuptial agreement can limit the stress and difficulty associated with division of assets and debt. A prenuptial agreement can protect assets not only against a former spouse but also against his or her family members and creditors. Prenuptial agreements can also protect both parties’ children from former marriages or relationships.

Contact our office today to discuss how you can best protect your assets. Ms. Castles understands how to draft an agreement that can protect both parties involved in the event that your marriage should end in divorce or the death of either spouse.

Just because your marriage falls apart does not mean you must lose everything you have worked for. Planning ahead by drafting a prenuptial agreement can minimize the frustration and emotion associated with divorce proceedings. Prenuptial agreements simplify the divorce and separation process.

Many of the same protections can be achieved through a postnuptial agreement. Contact our office to discuss how to protect your assets even after you are married.


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